My Skincare Journey…

My skin care journey started with finding the right products for my skin needs and following a good at home routine, which is key to seeing improvement. Then I started seeing results and wanted to step up to the next level and tried microdermabrasion added onto a Babor Luxury facial. I started to see such a difference in my skin texture and moisture levels but couldn’t stop laser focusing on my pores. Sadly pore size is in part hereditary but there had to be something I could do to shrink them even a little bit, right?

Of course a peel with Alyssa at Bliss YogaSpa was the next logical choice to combat my congested skin. The peel brought out some ugly brown looking spots, which of course, made me panic at first. With any skincare treatment, you may see the unwanted before the end goal. Like acne breakouts after a cleansing facial…are as I call it “the purge”. We actually want to see this because it’s pulling buildup to the surface. In my case these yucky brown spots were pigmentation from sun damage being brought to the surface, which, is what you want. So panic turned to excitement, who doesn’t want the underlying damage that we can’t see removed?!

My pores were less clogged but still not as minimized as I wanted, so I booked a complimentary consultation with Karissa to discuss laser treatments.

My main goal was to get these darn pores minimized, even just a little and some overall texture issues. Karissa listened to my concerns and had a good look at my skin. She then suggested Sublative laser treatments.

Intrigued?…Then keep posted to read more about my journey and see a few before and after pictures in a few weeks!

Post by Christina Easton

Disclaimer:  I am a Bliss YogaSpa employee but I have not received any free product or services for this post.



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