Meet Your RMT ~ Ryan

When was the last time you went for a massage?  If you have to think about it, then it’s time to book in with our very own muscle whisperer, Ryan!

Ryan’s easy going personality, professionalism and attentive ear allows for a comfortable, relaxed environment.  He always takes the time to address each client’s individual concerns and to work towards relief of sore, aching muscles or to transport you into blissful relaxation.  Speaking of blissful relaxation… Ryan works miracles on your neck, shoulders and scalp.  Yes I said scalp…speaking from personal experience I can say a scalp massage with Ryan is a must!

Who is Ryan outside of Bliss?  He is a massive sports fan and huge music lover.  He values spending time and sharing his passions with his wife, Cassie and two sons.  Interesting tidbit, before Ryan became an RMT he spent 16 years working in Edmonton radio and TV.

One thing Ryan wants you to know “don’t, don’t, don’t, think twice if you forgot to shave your legs, I did too.”

Next time you call to book a massage ask if Ryan is available!


Teacher Feature ~ Ricky Brennan

Have you met Rickyy yet?  If you haven’t had the pleasure, make sure to stop by for one of his regular classes and say hi!

The story of how Ricky found yoga is one of chance. Yoga found him. Someone merely invited him to attend a class and he is forever grateful for this pivotal moment.  Ricky was originally drawn to yoga because of the intensity and rigorousness. He loves sweating, deep breathing & exerting himself in the many unique ways yoga poses can demand.

Ricky’s yoga journey brought him to teach by chance as well. He was doing lots of hot yoga & at that time there was only one studio in Edmonton that offered hot classes. There were only female teachers & the owner really encouraged him to take his training to bring a male presence to the hot yoga community.  Timing was everything and around the same time he received some helpful money from his grandma, which allowed him to take his Yoga Teacher Training. Everything literally unfolded in front of him and he knew this was where his path was meant to lead him.

Now for the Q&A portion…

What is your favorite class to teach at Bliss?

My absolute favorite class to teach at Bliss is the Glow Flows. I love the creative freedom I have to be me & offer unique challenges in those classes. And I love the students (in all classes), but the Glow Flow students are definitely special to me. They are strong, receptive & fun.

What do you love about teaching at Bliss?

One of my favorite things I love about teaching at Bliss is actually getting to share space & time with the Bliss Team. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. It’s a real treat to walk through the doors & be greeted with kind smiles & regards.

What do you enjoy when you aren’t on the mat?

My favorite thing to do outside of yoga is to spend time with family & friends, but also to be as lazy as possible.  I’m a big fan of couch surfing!  I love my downtime. It’s rare & I cherish it. Oh, and food. I love all food!

Join Ricky and his magnetic energy every Sunday for Warm Flow @ 10:30am, Ashtanga Inspired @ 12pm and Thursdays for Glow Yin 6pm, Glow Flow 7:30pm & Glow Beginner 9:15pm

Student Feature ~ David

Bliss YogaSpa Student Feature 7 questions with…David

David’s yoga journey began 3 years ago when he enrolled into a registered class, Intro to Yoga, just before his 47th birthday.  He walked into the first class with a borrowed mat rolled up under his arm and an uncertainty of what to expect.  People were lying on their mats, eyes closed or looking up at the ceiling, at this point David recalls thinking “Is this it? Has the class already started? Why isn’t anyone moving?”  He felt a mix of confusion and excitement at the prospect of this new mystery revealing itself to him.  And after all this time his yoga journey continues to offer glimpses of something new every day.

  1. How did Bliss become a part of your yoga journey?

This is an interesting question….Bliss IS my Yoga Journey. Everything I know, feel, and want from Yoga I owe completely to the people who work and practice at Bliss. I suppose what drew me through the door the very first time was simply: reputation, location, and convenience of schedules. Today, I feel that I am a contributing member of the Yoga community and the Bliss family.

  1. Do you feel anyone can enjoy and gain from yoga?

I am convinced that EVERYONE can enjoy and gain from Yoga. I’m just a regular middle-aged guy who decided to make a change from the pathway of a sedentary lifestyle I was headed towards. I didn’t intend to make any huge changes in my regular routine. I began practicing slow with a once-a-week commitment. Now, I can’t get enough of it.

  1. How has yoga affected/changed your life off of the mat?

I didn’t expect Yoga to change my life off of the mat like it has. I hoped to get in better shape, but I didn’t expect the transformation that occurred.

The commitment that the Yoga Instructors and staff have made is motivating and inspiring. Everyone is eager to share with you and continually offer encouragement and support. I have found this contagious. In my time away from Bliss, I make a conscious effort to echo this support to everyone that touches my life.

Possibly the most impactful aspects of Yoga to change my life is inside my heart. I have learned to recognize that there is a commonality with everyone in this world. There is one thing that we ALL want and have within us. I’ll let YOU discover what that is.

  1. What has surprised you most since starting your yoga practice?

Something I didn’t expect from Yoga when I first started practicing was my ability to turn back the clock. As I approach 50 years young, I am in better health, body and mind, than I was 10, even 20+ years ago.

  1. What is your favorite pose or maybe the one you are struggling with most right now?

Instead of struggling, I try to approach each pose as an opportunity to improve; Yoga is after all a practice.

There are some poses that I feel more comfortable approaching than others. The poses I feel strong performing, I focus doing well and with as much strength I can gather. Poses that I know I’m not as strong at, I concentrate on doing as good as I can; I am improving, even if it is just a tiny bit each class. I really try to not shy away from any pose, after all, I’m not that far from the ground even if I do fall.

  1. What is your favorite class or classes to attend at Bliss?

Easy…Blissful Glow Flow 6am, 9am, 7:30pm, any day of the week.

I would like to offer some more insight to the Blissful Glow Flow class. You can read from the class description that it is a high-humidity, 38C class. These words alone scared me away for most of my first year of Yoga practice. I’m not super-comfortable in the heat outdoors, not that kind of heat anyway. This is different, maybe it’s that you don’t have the sun baking down on you. I don’t know, but it is different.

If you are shying away from Blissful Glow Flow only because you think it might be too hot, I encourage you to give it a try. I started with Warm Flow and jumped right into the Glow Flow.

A word of advice, a Towel, I bought a Yoga towel to cover my Yoga mat….it is 38C after all.

  1. What would you say to someone who wanted to start practicing yoga but felt they weren’t flexible/strong enough?

Good. Being self-aware and humble is important. Armed with the recognition of where you are at, you can see your improvement. Arrive and you will improve.

Bliss YogaSpa is a safe place. Nobody will judge you and everyone is encouraging and respectful. There is no pass or fail at Bliss, everyone is here to learn and improve themselves in body and mind. It was my experience that the most difficult Yoga class you will ever have to muster the courage to attend is your first class. Get through the door, past the warm greetings and welcoming smiles to begin your journey of discovering the mystery and many aspects of Yoga.

What would I say to someone who may be hesitant to start practicing Yoga? Please do it. You will be thankful for doing this wonderful thing for yourself.

Thank you David, for the inspiring words and for the insight into your journey.  #blissfamily


Teacher Feature ~ Chrissy

In this teacher feature we are ecstatic to introduce you to Chrissy!

Chrissy was introduced to yoga after starting a new job where all of the office ladies did yoga at lunch. When she received an invite to join them for a class she had no idea what yoga was, but was eager to be a part of the team, so she borrowed a mat from her mother-in-law and took her first class…She never gave the mat back.

From the moment Chrissy walked into that little makeshift studio/unused meeting room, she was hooked. The smell of sage, the sunshine coming in the windows, and the way everyone’s shoulders relaxed as they walked through the door. Yoga spoke to her soul. This was the first time in Chrissy’s life where she actually slowed down and listened to her breath.  From her lunch time practice in that little studio her journey has taken her to teaching yoga and we couldn’t be happier that she is a part of the #blissfamily

We wanted to get to know Chrissy a little bit better so we asked her these 4 questions…

How did your yoga journey guide you to want to teach?  I never planned to teach originally. I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga and grow my personal practice, and when I saw that Sheena was offering a teacher training at Bliss, I signed up without a second thought. Through the training though, I discovered how much joy I got out of sharing the benefits of yoga with my friends and family, and decided I didn’t want to stop there. I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to teach at Bliss!

What is your absolute favorite class to teach at Bliss and why?   I love any class that helps people really relax and restore in this crazy busy world of ours; when I can see they’re walking a little lighter after class then they were before. Restorative, warm yin, flow nidra, or a sweet heart-centred hatha class are some of my all-time faves. Right now I’m really enjoying the Blissful Mamas workshop we’re offering! Since recently becoming a new mom I’ve really come to appreciate how much moms (and dads!) need the opportunity to recharge and make time for themselves. I’ve had to lean on my yoga and meditation practices a LOT and they’ve been invaluable to me.  I really wanted to share those tools with other mamas. A late evening class (after our kiddos’ bedtimes) has been the perfect opportunity to come together as a mama tribe!

What do you love the most about teaching at Bliss?  Seriously, what’s not to love? The minute you walk through those doors and see the smiling faces behind the desk, hear the soft music… it even smells amazing! It’s like that first meeting room/yoga studio I went to years ago at work…your shoulders soften and your soul smiles when those sliding doors open. If I had to pick just one thing though, I’d say the community. The students, the staff, the other teachers… everyone is so wonderful to be around! I’ve made some of the most amazing friends at Bliss who I know will be in my life forever, and I’m beyond grateful for that!

What is one of your favorite things to do outside of the yoga room?  Two of my favorite past times outside of yoga are traveling & long distance hiking, and over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to combine the two! My husband and I have traveled to Tasmania, Iceland, New Zealand, Argentina, and of course the Rockies and Vancouver Island to hike some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world. Being able to unplug for days at a time and have everything you need on your back, while hiking through both beautiful and challenging terrain can be similar to meditation and yoga in that you’re so incredibly present and in the moment. It’s an amazing experience!

Take some time to attend a class with Chrissy and enjoy a tea or two with her after!

Teacher Feature ~ Ashlynn

#bysteacherfeature 6 questions with Ashlynn

1.What initially drew you to the practice of yoga?

Truthfully, it is a bit hard to say. I have always been an athlete, and I have also always dealt with mental health issues. I got to a point throughout my athletic career where I was always tight or injured, and the depression and anxiety I had been dealing with started to completely isolate me.

My coach had been suggesting yoga for a couple months as a means to prevent injury and at the same time, a new studio opened up in my area. Both my mom and my best friend had previously done some yoga and were separately suggesting that I join for a class.

I hated it….And then I started to love it…  It was such an intensely new challenge for me, and I felt, like so many other people new to yoga, like I was “bad at it.” But it provided this clarity that I had never experienced. Slowly, my body started to feel better; some days I could feel my anxiety start to ease.  Even though I was not immediately in love with yoga, I was hooked from the first class and I haven’t given it up since.

2. How did your yoga journey guide you to want to teach?

I had this intense desire to share the practice of yoga. I felt like, if I feel this good, everyone around me should too. So I started to tell everyone around me that they needed to come to a class. They would obviously have to love it just as I did.

I was done school, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do yet. Until one day, at the yoga studio I frequented, I saw a poster for a 200 hour teacher training with Empowered Yoga. The wheels started turning…I started looking into this “Empowered Yoga.” It was based on the love of movement and the premise of movement as medicine. It focused on Strength and Power Yoga.  I registered to start taking my teacher training within that same month.

3. What is your absolute favorite class to teach at Bliss and why?

Oh so many…And it really is hard to say because there isn’t a class I don’t enjoy. I have a hips class on Saturday mornings at 945. I’ve had the same regulars since I picked it up nearly 2 years ago.

4. What do you love the most about teaching at Bliss?

The people that practice at Bliss are so dedicated; I see the same faces every week. I love that.  I would see them even when I was so pregnant I couldn’t even get up off my mat.

5. Are there any goals you have challenged yourself with right now or that you have crushed recently?

I have a few goals that I am currently working on! I’m signed up for a couple of races this summer, a 10km and another half marathon and I’m going to train super hard to run the 10km in under an hour and the half marathon in under 2!

The last goal I crushed was picking up into handstand from a block… I’m telling you, those inversions classes work wonders!!!

6. What do you love doing off the mat?

One of my favorite things to do out of the yoga room is to travel! My husband Josh and I are always planning the next adventure for our little family.

@ash_schof is returning from Maternity leave starting May 1 and will be back to her regular schedule on Thursdays 6am & 9:15am and Saturdays 4pm & 5:30pm!  We are also bringing back her Saturday 9:45am Blissful Hips class.

So come to your mat and join this one of a kind, creative, caring, calming presence for practice.

Blissful Bride ~ Wedding Prep

Meet our very own #bysblissfulbride Jade. You may have seen her #bysmeetyouresthetician feature a few weeks ago.

Jade and her fiancé Nate got engaged on September 17, 2017 and set the wedding date August 25, 2018 and we couldn’t be happier for her!

We will be following Jade’s pre wedding skin prep as she shares the services she receives to get her skin glowing and radiant for her wedding day.

A little Q&A with Jade on how to prepare your skin for the big day…

How early should a bride start a treatment plan?
I recommend 6-8 months depending on your skin concerns.What treatment fixes color/pigment issues?
There are a few options but the best results will be achieved with Photo Rejuvenation & Sublative laser.

What treatment will correct acne concerns?
Chemical peels are always good and for best results Active Acne Laser.

How often should a bride and a groom get facials?
Every 6-8 weeks is ideal.

What are some reasons to ditch the razor for laser?
The honeymoon, haha! Less stress, one last thing to worry about.

What laser skin treatments do you recommend before the wedding?
3 Photo Rejuvenation’s with the last one plus a sublime treatment 4 weeks before the day.

Jade’s pre-wedding skin prep will include having her eyebrows microbladed, an eyelash lift and tint and a series of microdermabrasion & facials every 4-6 weeks. She will also be getting a Photo Rejuvenation laser service before her wedding day.

If you would like more info about these services contact our ambassador team to book a complimentary consultation @blissyogaspa

Meet Your Esthetician ~ Carly

Meet Carly, who has been with us since the beginning! Carly is one of our lead aestheticians and her background in teaching aesthetics makes her a valued & skilled trainer at Bliss. With her love of people, passion for her job & bubbly personality, Carly exudes Bliss’s values of comfort, luxury and wellness.

Carly was in school for RMT massage when she fell in love with aesthetics. Her journey has since lead her to also become a certified Laser Technician in 2011 & receive her #syneron Laser Certification in 2012.

We wanted to get to know Carly a bit better so we presented her with a couple questions…

What do you enjoy about working at Bliss?

I love the feeling of family. It’s refreshing to work with such a close group of people who jive well together. I also love the relaxing atmosphere that not only creates a feeling of comfort & wellbeing for the client, but also the staff. I love the diversity each day brings & the opportunities to continually share my knowledge & learn within my aesthetics trade. And last but not least, meeting & building relationships with amazing clients!

What are your top 3 products?
Jane Iredale Pommist prepares me for the day! It finishes my look & wakes me up before I head out the door. I use it throughout the day to reenergize & refresh my look. I tend to have naturally dry skin, especially during the winter months. To help keep my skin glowing and hydrated I use Babor daily moisturizing cream. Sunscreen all year long is an important step in my daily routine & should be in everyone’s! I love Tizo’s tinted sunscreen, it a silky base before my powder, I love It!

Outside the Bliss family Carly loves spending time with her husband Mark, their daughter Davina, furry family members Lexi & Ozzy & their 4 turtles. Carly is also expecting a 2nd Baby Blemings & couldn’t be more excited! The Bleming clan enjoys spending time around their backyard fire pit all year round & in the summers you will find them camping fishing & spending time in nature. They also make time together a priority & take advantage of unwinding & relaxing at their cabin.


Meet Your Esthetician ~ Karissa

Meet Karissa, who is one of our lead aestheticians and mentors at Bliss! Karissa’s interest in skin care grew from her own acne issues and searching for personal solutions. Karissa’s love for her field led her to be certified as a medical aesthetician and she completed specialized laser training in 2012. Karissa is constantly participating in continuing eduction and recently she completed BABOR’s Master-Mentorship program. She loves to share her knowledge and guide her peers, as well as provide the utmost in client care.

Karissa’s experience and understanding of aesthetics and skin care provides each client an exceptional experience, in luxury and also results.

We asked Karissa a few questions and this is what she had to say…

What is your absolute favorite service to provide at Bliss and why?
Hmmm, tough choice it’s a toss-up between Laser Skin enhancements and facials. It truly motivates me when I’m able to help people with their skin concerns and help them with their self-esteem.

What do you love the most about working at Bliss?
The clients, we have great people that come to Bliss and I love being a part of helping them feel better about themselves. And they always keep my day interesting.

What are your top 3 skin care products that you are using right now?
Definitely the Reversive Eye Cream is #1, Hyaluron Cream because it is perfect for hydrating my combination skin! And last but not least…the Enzyme Cleanser for a gentle exfoliation.

Outside of aesthetics Karissa loves being outdoors. Whether it’s snowboarding in the winter or camping, hiking or kayaking in the summer. Karissa has also discovered a passion for gardening and growing her own food. She is constantly inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and be environmentally conscious with all aspects of her life.


Meet Your Esthetician ~ Brittany

In this #bysmeetyouresthetician we would like to introduce you to Brittany. Brittany has always been drawn to the healing and helping therapies. She believes the ability to show someone the true beauty they posses and to enhance those qualities is such an incredible feeling.

One of Brittany’s favourite services to provide are Facial Treatments. In her words “A time in which I’m able to address any concerns, recommend home care regimes, and provide product knowledge – all while having my client completely melt in the process, what’s not to love?”

We wanted to know what Brittany’s top three favourite products were. “I am loving DerMed Micro Crystal Polish, Babor Vitamin Detoxifying Cream and last but not least Babor Rejuvenating Facial Oil. All of which are brightening, refreshing and provide a glowing look with continued use.”

Brittany truly believes that it is important to take care of yourself. Spending time with people that you love the most but also making sure you take time for you. “Be thankful, meditate, reflect and allow yourself to be whole with everything that you do.”

Take some time for yourself to be pampered and book a treatment with Brittany and be immersed in true bliss!

Meet Your Esthetician ~ Jade

Meet our lovely #bysmeetyouresthetician Jade! Jade was introduced to aesthetics through her mom’s best friend who was an aesthetician. Jade admired how much she truly cared about her work & her clients & this sparked an interest that grew into her career.

While in aesthetics school Jade realized providing skin care services & helping people feel better inside & out was something she truly loved. She knew that this was the right path for her.

One of Jade’s favorite services to provide are facials & from personal experience I can tell you she transports you to another level of pampering & relaxation! Jade truly wants you to experience pure Bliss & takes the time to hear your skin concerns & provide guidance to help correct them. Jade also loves providing laser skin resurfacing treatments. She loves how immediate the results can be & that you can begin to see your skin improve right before your eyes. “It’s a very satisfying feeling.”

We asked Jade a few questions, here is what she had to say…

What do you enjoy about working at Bliss?
“The clients & my co-workers. Going to work is never something I dread. I love where I work & I love what I do. I wake up each & every day excited to do it all over again.”

What are your 3 favorite products that you are using right now?
“Right now I am loving the Reversive Overnight Mask, AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel & Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Mineral Powder.”

Keep watching our feeds for Jade’s journey as a Blissful Bride! Jade got engaged on September 17, 2017 while hiking Grassi Lake in Canmore and we are going to follow along her journey as she prepares her skin for the wedding!