Laser Hair Removal at Bliss


Body hair…everyone has it no one likes to talk about it. A show of hands if you’re tired of shaving everyday! I know I was.  

Did you know the average women will shave 7,718 times in her lifetime? Nope, no thank you, not me.  I want to be hair free and care free!  The absence of waxing, tweezing and shaving is so liberating. Not to mention no more ingrown hairs!  

Frustrated with my hair epidemic I decided to book a laser consult with one of the laser technicians at Bliss Yoga Spa. At first I was unsure of the idea of being lasered, I had so many questions! I remember filling out the detailed paperwork and wondering what I was getting myself into… Thankfully The atmosphere and incredibly friendly staff immediately put you at ease. While I waited for my treatment to start I was treated to hot tea and the coziest of loungers, I love Bliss’s waiting room!!

At the start of my appointment my tech reviewed all my paper work with me to ensure I didn’t have any contraindications (medications ..conditions etc ) then does what is called the Fitzpatrick Scale, to identify your skin type. I was so happy to hear that due to my light skin and dark coarse hair, I would be an ideal candidate. I was amazed at the knowledge base my tech had not only did she answer all my questions, she also explained to me how the laser worked .Treatments on the lower areas, such as the Leg and arms , would require a session every 8-10 weeks, with face and underarms/brazilian recommended at 4-8 weeks .  The number of treatments will vary for each person, but will generally require 8-12 sessions to see long term results.   

Bliss offers two different laser systems! 

The ELOS works on a wider range of skin types/colours and uses a combination of radio frequency and optical energy to target the hair. The Gmax which uses optical energy and dynamic cooling making it the fastest, painless and most powerful laser on the market.  

I was sold, so I ditched the razor and went laser!   

Now, here I am, 16 months into my laser hair removal love story and I’ve received treatments for underarms, lower leg, bikini line and toes.  I have just started treatments on my upper lip, because no lady wants a moustache.  

I have absolutely no regrets and could not be happier with my results. Thanks to Bliss YogaSpa, I no longer have razors in my shower!  

C. Easton

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