Teacher Feature ~ Ricky Brennan

Have you met Rickyy yet?  If you haven’t had the pleasure, make sure to stop by for one of his regular classes and say hi!

The story of how Ricky found yoga is one of chance. Yoga found him. Someone merely invited him to attend a class and he is forever grateful for this pivotal moment.  Ricky was originally drawn to yoga because of the intensity and rigorousness. He loves sweating, deep breathing & exerting himself in the many unique ways yoga poses can demand.

Ricky’s yoga journey brought him to teach by chance as well. He was doing lots of hot yoga & at that time there was only one studio in Edmonton that offered hot classes. There were only female teachers & the owner really encouraged him to take his training to bring a male presence to the hot yoga community.  Timing was everything and around the same time he received some helpful money from his grandma, which allowed him to take his Yoga Teacher Training. Everything literally unfolded in front of him and he knew this was where his path was meant to lead him.

Now for the Q&A portion…

What is your favorite class to teach at Bliss?

My absolute favorite class to teach at Bliss is the Glow Flows. I love the creative freedom I have to be me & offer unique challenges in those classes. And I love the students (in all classes), but the Glow Flow students are definitely special to me. They are strong, receptive & fun.

What do you love about teaching at Bliss?

One of my favorite things I love about teaching at Bliss is actually getting to share space & time with the Bliss Team. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. It’s a real treat to walk through the doors & be greeted with kind smiles & regards.

What do you enjoy when you aren’t on the mat?

My favorite thing to do outside of yoga is to spend time with family & friends, but also to be as lazy as possible.  I’m a big fan of couch surfing!  I love my downtime. It’s rare & I cherish it. Oh, and food. I love all food!

Join Ricky and his magnetic energy every Sunday for Warm Flow @ 10:30am, Ashtanga Inspired @ 12pm and Thursdays for Glow Yin 6pm, Glow Flow 7:30pm & Glow Beginner 9:15pm

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