Student Feature ~ David

Bliss YogaSpa Student Feature 7 questions with…David

David’s yoga journey began 3 years ago when he enrolled into a registered class, Intro to Yoga, just before his 47th birthday.  He walked into the first class with a borrowed mat rolled up under his arm and an uncertainty of what to expect.  People were lying on their mats, eyes closed or looking up at the ceiling, at this point David recalls thinking “Is this it? Has the class already started? Why isn’t anyone moving?”  He felt a mix of confusion and excitement at the prospect of this new mystery revealing itself to him.  And after all this time his yoga journey continues to offer glimpses of something new every day.

  1. How did Bliss become a part of your yoga journey?

This is an interesting question….Bliss IS my Yoga Journey. Everything I know, feel, and want from Yoga I owe completely to the people who work and practice at Bliss. I suppose what drew me through the door the very first time was simply: reputation, location, and convenience of schedules. Today, I feel that I am a contributing member of the Yoga community and the Bliss family.

  1. Do you feel anyone can enjoy and gain from yoga?

I am convinced that EVERYONE can enjoy and gain from Yoga. I’m just a regular middle-aged guy who decided to make a change from the pathway of a sedentary lifestyle I was headed towards. I didn’t intend to make any huge changes in my regular routine. I began practicing slow with a once-a-week commitment. Now, I can’t get enough of it.

  1. How has yoga affected/changed your life off of the mat?

I didn’t expect Yoga to change my life off of the mat like it has. I hoped to get in better shape, but I didn’t expect the transformation that occurred.

The commitment that the Yoga Instructors and staff have made is motivating and inspiring. Everyone is eager to share with you and continually offer encouragement and support. I have found this contagious. In my time away from Bliss, I make a conscious effort to echo this support to everyone that touches my life.

Possibly the most impactful aspects of Yoga to change my life is inside my heart. I have learned to recognize that there is a commonality with everyone in this world. There is one thing that we ALL want and have within us. I’ll let YOU discover what that is.

  1. What has surprised you most since starting your yoga practice?

Something I didn’t expect from Yoga when I first started practicing was my ability to turn back the clock. As I approach 50 years young, I am in better health, body and mind, than I was 10, even 20+ years ago.

  1. What is your favorite pose or maybe the one you are struggling with most right now?

Instead of struggling, I try to approach each pose as an opportunity to improve; Yoga is after all a practice.

There are some poses that I feel more comfortable approaching than others. The poses I feel strong performing, I focus doing well and with as much strength I can gather. Poses that I know I’m not as strong at, I concentrate on doing as good as I can; I am improving, even if it is just a tiny bit each class. I really try to not shy away from any pose, after all, I’m not that far from the ground even if I do fall.

  1. What is your favorite class or classes to attend at Bliss?

Easy…Blissful Glow Flow 6am, 9am, 7:30pm, any day of the week.

I would like to offer some more insight to the Blissful Glow Flow class. You can read from the class description that it is a high-humidity, 38C class. These words alone scared me away for most of my first year of Yoga practice. I’m not super-comfortable in the heat outdoors, not that kind of heat anyway. This is different, maybe it’s that you don’t have the sun baking down on you. I don’t know, but it is different.

If you are shying away from Blissful Glow Flow only because you think it might be too hot, I encourage you to give it a try. I started with Warm Flow and jumped right into the Glow Flow.

A word of advice, a Towel, I bought a Yoga towel to cover my Yoga mat….it is 38C after all.

  1. What would you say to someone who wanted to start practicing yoga but felt they weren’t flexible/strong enough?

Good. Being self-aware and humble is important. Armed with the recognition of where you are at, you can see your improvement. Arrive and you will improve.

Bliss YogaSpa is a safe place. Nobody will judge you and everyone is encouraging and respectful. There is no pass or fail at Bliss, everyone is here to learn and improve themselves in body and mind. It was my experience that the most difficult Yoga class you will ever have to muster the courage to attend is your first class. Get through the door, past the warm greetings and welcoming smiles to begin your journey of discovering the mystery and many aspects of Yoga.

What would I say to someone who may be hesitant to start practicing Yoga? Please do it. You will be thankful for doing this wonderful thing for yourself.

Thank you David, for the inspiring words and for the insight into your journey.  #blissfamily


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