Yoga Teacher Feature – Michelle C. Chung

In our first #bysteacherfeature we would like to introduce you to Michelle C Chung and her dog Jake, who is pretty darn adorable!

To get to know Michelle we asked her a few questions…
What initially drew you to the practice of yoga?
I always had this unexplainable curiosity to yoga even before I knew what it was. I got into a car accident over 13 years ago and that essentially spurred me to the path of yoga. At first it was for the physical aspect but I discovered quickly it would be the emotional and spiritual aspect that was going to keep me on the path of yoga for life.
What is your absolute favorite class to teach at Bliss and why?
Tough question. I love different classes for different reasons. I love the Yin Yang class. It’s the perfect class to embody the dichotomy in the world we live in. We need both the passive and the active so we can stay balanced in our lives. The Yin Yang is the perfect physical and energetic practice to remind us that neither is good nor bad, it just is and both are part of the humanness that we are.
What do you love the most about teaching at Bliss?
The staff and management! I feel valued and a part of the team!
What was the last goal you crushed?
Last goal I crushed was I did one chin up! Doesn’t sound like much but huge for me! (ok, we think this is pretty amazing!) I have also taken up tap dancing and rock climbing the last few months so it’s keeping me quite challenged. It’s hard!
You can catch Michelle C Chung @blissyogaspa every Thursday @ 3:30pm for Blissful Glow Flow and every Friday @ 1:15pm for Yin Yang

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