The Power of Soul Care Days by Adrienne Arlen Duffy

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When I upgraded my iPhone recently, all notifications I had previously turned off – calendar appointments—email, text, etc.—were part of the deal. Because I couldn’t figure out how to turn off all the bells and whistles myself, I had to carve time out to visit the Apple store to eliminate the constant distraction of notifications coming at me 24/7.

It’s challenging to care for ourselves or put boundaries in place when we are constantly distracted—by emails, texts, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle—and yet connecting with our core values and living them out with greater integrity requires conscientious and consistent care. How do we remain “on top of” ten thousand things while also looking after our deeper needs? We can practice Soul Care.

Soul Care, as part of the Soul Sense ProcessTM is the conscious and intentional practice that supports re-grounding, and centering so we can be more present to the soul-full moments in our life. Soul Care practices can be:

  • Grounding—they support the body/mind balance with the soul’s inner rhythm and growth.
  • Nurturing—they assist in consciously creating and cultivating a healthy environment for both inner- and outer-growth.
  • Healing—when excessive demands or stress are causing harm or stagnation, they can be transformative or rebalancing.


Whether you’re new to these practices, or have been at it for some time, Soul Care Days are necessary.

Soul Care Days are days where you purposefully eliminate distractions, clearing the way to act with greater intention and integrity, and to care for the deepest part of yourself.

Soul Care Days re-purpose time and feed your why, which results in restoring your energy to be more effective, wherever you are showing up. On Soul Care Days, you not only change your experience of that specific day, but you also refuel, which attracts more grounded and Soul-full moments in the days that follow.

Ideally, a Soul Care Day is a full day, but even when life is really asking you to put the pedal-to- the-metal, a half-day, an hour, or just fifteen minutes will do!

Soul Care Days don’t have to be created around major Soul-full or life-changing events. You can bring fresh conscious attention to something you’re already doing. Have you just been dragging yourself to the gym and putting in the time on the treadmill? When you decide that gym time is Soul Care Time, you take your workout routine to a whole new level. You remember why you signed up at the gym in the first place; to care deeply for yourself. That shift of perspective to Soul Care can reenergize your commitment to keep caring for yourself.

Whatever you choose to do on Soul Care Days, the idea is to shift yourself away from rote habitual behavior into behavior that is practiced with conscious intent.

At first, you may not have a clue what you should be doing on Soul Care Days, and some days your original plan might fall through—do not judge! Go with the flow! Reschedule! What matters most is that you try to keep your intention for your Soul Care Days clear.


Here’s a short list of Soul Care Day activities my clients and I engage in. I hope this list inspires some ideas so you can get started on scheduling Soul Care Time soon:

  • Take a yoga class
  • Visit a Spa
  • Visit a museum
  • Get a massage
  • Go to a float studio
  • Walk in nature; or go to a botanical garden or local greenhouse
  • Cook something you love from scratch
  • Go to a favorite book store or read an inspira6onal book at your favorite cafe
  • Declutter a room that’s driving you crazy
  • Watch birds
  • Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to do
  • Practice something you love to do but never give yourself the time (e.g. music, art, fishing, jewelry making, woodworking)
  • Drive out of town to a new place you’ve never been before
  • Play
  • Spend time with your kids, grandkids, sister or best friend
  • Have an unplanned day, go where the spirit moves you, or enjoy rest without expectation or guilt!


On a recent Soul Care Day, I shared with a waitress at my favorite café that I was having a Soul Care Day. Her response: “OMG, I need one of those days!” I invite you to give yourself the gift of a Soul Care Day regularly or whenever you’re not feeling your best self. Stake out a Soul Care Day, and you create boundaries to focus on the things that will ground, nurture and heal you. On Soul Care Days, free yourself from all expectations and judgments. Planned to visit the art museum, but ended up people watching at a café half the day? No problem, as long as the time was restorative and rejuvenating, and as long as you cared for the deepest part of you!

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